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Petals the Clown & Friends

Family Diva First5.KidZoneFeb2016 G&D July 4 Goldie&Boy1 Goldie & Minion Balloon Hallowen Gold & Pet Indian Health 2015 Hello Kitty Girl @ Altura CU Playground Face Painting Liver Walk6.2015 Buzz Light Year Party D,P&G Zebras Daiona Pump It Up 823 DD Pet Gold High Lib11.15 Dee Dee & Girl2 Dee Dee & Teen DG&P Morongo Dinky & Goldie Oct.2015 Dinky & Petals Dinky & Girl Star Auto 3 Clowns Zebra Chair 3 Clowns Nat or Show 3 Elves 3 Ninja Turtles ABB-G-P-Clmt Halloween Altura CU1.2015 Anna Frozen Halloween Balloon Girls at Star Auto Balloons Benjamin 4-12-15 Giselle & Oscar Temecula July 2016 Min & Pet Pet & Dink Xmas Petals & Dog Petals & Nana School Petals with a girl painted like a clown to match Petals. The birthday cake area is decorated with flowers. Petals with a cute clown pinata. We see some of the cutest dogs at parties. Petals is shown with her dog HoneyBear and a pumpkin. Pictured is Petals with 1 year old Isabel at her circus-themed party. Pictured is DeeDee with a young child.  Our clowns are sweet and sincere and not scary to very young children. Goldie & Bella after an event for the Indian Health of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Pictured is Petals, Goldie & Bella with an associate at the National Orange Show. Pictured is Goldie at the National Orange Show feeding a Ritz cracker to Arnold the pig while Petals watches on. Petals, Goldie & Bella in their nautical costumes for opening day at the yacht club. Lady bug balloons don't always come in red! Pictured is a Moreno Valley volunteer and her little Sister posing with Petals, Dinky & Goldie after an Easter Egg Hunt. Petals is pictured handing Nevaeh a flower at her 1st birthday party at Victoria Arbor Park in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  The children at her party also got their faces painted, watched a silly magic show, jumped in the jumper and played on the swings & monkey bars.  Her Mom got some great group and individual pictures for Nevaeh's scrap book. Pictured is a fan of Hello Kitty as she poses at an Easter event in the City of Moreno Valley, CA. 0 Pictured is Petals with 2 boys and 1 girl with their sword ensemble balloon featuring Spiderman, Batman and Hello Kitty. 0 0 Petals is pictured twisting the tree trunk for a monkey-in-a-tree.  Children of all ages enjoy watching and waiting for their balloon animal.  Watching the balloon being blown up, for some reason, is exciting to a child and they let out squeals and screams. 0 Goldie, DeeDee, Dinky, Petals & Bella pose for a photo after doing face painting and balloon animal twisting at a large event at a library in Fontana, CA.  Three face painters and two balloon twisters can keep up with each other to make a line go smoothly so each child gets in line once to get both activities. 0 0 Petals is pictured at a 'Princess Party' and each girl is dressed as her favorite princess. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 We do have an Easter Bunny available to pose for pictures, hand out small candy treats and accompany children during the egg hunt. 0 0 0 If you are planning a carnival themed party or circus themed party, give us a call.  Clowns fit right in with your midway games, cotton candy, popcorn, sno cones and ticket redemption booths. Having a carnival party?  Welcome your guests with a popcorn decoration in the front yard. If you are considering a circus-themed party, here is an idea. If you are considering a circus-themed party, here is an idea. Sample of decorations for a circus themed birthday party Having a carnival party?  Welcome your guests with a popcorn decoration in the front yard.